Mexico 🇲🇽

Cancun is absolutely gorgeous. Something for everyone. We stood at the moon palace for 5 days. Exclusive for down time and romantic views. We also stayed at the Dreams hotel with a balcony on the beach for a weekend stay. The view was so serene and awe-inspiring that we decided to have a candle light dinner in our room on the balcony. The hotel had a DJ and we danced the night away with other guest. The weekend fee was well worth it.

My favorite part of the trip was taking the ferry boat from Cancun to ISLA de Mujeres where we rented a golf  cart for the day and toured the island on our own. We stopped and bathed at all the beaches (pictures above) learned about the history of the island, ate a delicious seafood native platter on the beach and did some shopping before boarding the ferry back to Cancun. When in Cancun make sure to dedicate a day to visit ISLA de Mujeres ❤


In January I had an edutainment trip with my son. I have anticipated this trip for a very long time. He is a Raptors fan so Mom made sure we had great seats for a game. He’s a great planner so we had an itinerary for each day of our stay :).  We stayed at the Hilton downtown Toronto and below was our view from our room. I slept with the curtains open, at night the lights are electric and mornings were full of bliss. Toronto has the New York feeling however the most exciting part for me was the fact that you can navigate by car without traffic :))))

Niagara Falls off my bucket list! The energy at the falls was intense and heavy. A wow that takes your breath away. My favorite attraction was the enchanting Casa Loma, Toronto’s majestic castle. Complete with 98 rooms, decorated suites, secret passages, stately towers, estate gardens and luxurious stables built by Sir Henry Pellat between 1911 – 1914. It was nice to see how many movies were filmed there and I enjoyed learning about the rich history. The Ripleys Aquarium of Canada was phenomenal it stays open till late and you can enjoy some good Jazz music on Fridays.

If your a Drake supporter visit his restaurant Fring’s at 455 King Street West. Good food a bit pricey but worth the ambiance. The Real Jerk Jamaican restaurant was a hit. Last but not least the CN Tower. Awesome service at the bar, great views and on your way out be sure to say hello to Mr. Moose.




Niagara Falls


Casa Loma


CN Tower



St. Maarten – Cupecoy Beach Sunset 


Johnny and I were able to visit all the beaches in St. Maarten this past week. Orient beach was my favorite. I was enchanted with my on the beach aloe massage from the lovely Mrs. Anna. I truly enjoyed the eateries near the beach. The energy was alive and vibrant. Johnny had two favorites, Mullet & Maho beach but of course Maho! What man wouldn’t enjoy watching the planes soar right above you lol. Pretty cool site to see. We would make it back to our condo by 6:00 pm daily to shower and get ready for dinner, most importantly to catch the sunset. The photo above was our view to the sunset every evening. This picture will forever be embedded in my mind. I was in my glory for 7 nights :). We are both Pisces so we have a deep connection with water and love sunsets. Always a romantic ending to our daily adventures. Hope you like the photo. Johnny captured it with a gift that was given to him by my sister Diana last year for his birthday. He loves the Nikon DD3300. If your ever in St. Maarten on the dutch side make plans to see the sunset at Cupecoy beach you will never forget it ❤




Sister <3 Sister


How I LOVE thee. I want you to LOVE yourself the way I love you. The way GOD loves you.

I’m so sorry you are in so much pain. I wish I could take your pain away.

The motherless child….. If I could prevent the inevitable for you I would but I know that it’s your walk.

I pray the demons leave and when in doubt there are people that you can turn to for help. Therapy oh therapy…. How it works :). The mask doesn’t cover the pain in your eyes.

You ran into a man’s life to be saved and now you live with distress. The souls that cry keep you awake. Two manipulators living as one. Two lies that became “I’m GOOD” I know you’re not because your heart is still black, pretending to be a ghost when all you want is to be found.

The manipulating teacher behind the desk that grasped you while you were away when daddy left you behind the white walls wasn’t the truth. It taught you to believe everything you think. Your protector was there all along didn’t you see him holding on to the rope? Like a raging bull you seemed to get high energy by pushing him to the wall. You portray the person who loved you will all your flaws to be a monster all because your betrayal created guilt. Your writing helps you to fantasize with your story telling. I’m hoping to see the pain released. Don’t allow your anger to fool you into thinking your powerful, that’s the dark side. Most importantly don’t let the anger give you the fuel to think that YOU ARE IN CONTROL……