Sister <3 Sister


How I LOVE thee. I want you to LOVE yourself the way I love you. The way GOD loves you.

I’m so sorry you are in so much pain. I wish I could take your pain away.

The motherless child….. If I could prevent the inevitable for you I would but I know that it’s your walk.

I pray the demons leave and when in doubt there are people that you can turn to for help. Therapy oh therapy…. How it works :). The mask doesn’t cover the pain in your eyes.

You ran into a man’s life to be saved and now you live with distress. The souls that cry keep you awake. Two manipulators living as one. Two lies that became “I’m GOOD” I know you’re not because your heart is still black, pretending to be a ghost when all you want is to be found.

The manipulating teacher behind the desk that grasped you while you were away when daddy left you behind the white walls wasn’t the truth. It taught you to believe everything you think. Your protector was there all along didn’t you see him holding on to the rope? Like a raging bull you seemed to get high energy by pushing him to the wall. You portray the person who loved you with all your flaws to be a monster all because your betrayal and needs created guilt. I pray your writing helps you release your pain. Don’t allow your anger to fool you into thinking your powerful, that’s the dark side. Most importantly don’t let the anger give you the fuel to think that YOU ARE IN CONTROL……


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