St. Maarten – Cupecoy Beach Sunset 


Johnny and I were able to visit all the beaches in St. Maarten this past week. Orient beach was my favorite. I was enchanted with my on the beach aloe massage from the lovely Mrs. Anna. I truly enjoyed the eateries near the beach. The energy was alive and vibrant. Johnny had two favorites, Mullet & Maho beach but of course Maho! What man wouldn’t enjoy watching the planes soar right above you lol. Pretty cool site to see. We would make it back to our condo by 6:00 pm daily to shower and get ready for dinner, most importantly to catch the sunset. The photo above was our view to the sunset every evening. This picture will forever be embedded in my mind. I was in my glory for 7 nights :). We are both Pisces so we have a deep connection with water and love sunsets. Always a romantic ending to our daily adventures. Hope you like the photo. Johnny captured it with a gift that was given to him by my sister Diana last year for his birthday. He loves the Nikon DD3300. If your ever in St. Maarten on the dutch side make plans to see the sunset at Cupecoy beach you will never forget it ❤





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