In January I had an edutainment trip with my son. I have anticipated this trip for a very long time. He is a Raptors fan so Mom made sure we had great seats for a game. He’s a great planner so we had an itinerary for each day of our stay :).  We stayed at the Hilton downtown Toronto and below was our view from our room. I slept with the curtains open, at night the lights are electric and mornings were full of bliss. Toronto has the New York feeling however the most exciting part for me was the fact that you can navigate by car without traffic :))))

Niagara Falls off my bucket list! The energy at the falls was intense and heavy. A wow that takes your breath away. My favorite attraction was the enchanting Casa Loma, Toronto’s majestic castle. Complete with 98 rooms, decorated suites, secret passages, stately towers, estate gardens and luxurious stables built by Sir Henry Pellat between 1911 – 1914. It was nice to see how many movies were filmed there and I enjoyed learning about the rich history. The Ripleys Aquarium of Canada was phenomenal https://www.ripleyaquariums.com/canada/ it stays open till late and you can enjoy some good Jazz music on Fridays.

If your a Drake supporter visit his restaurant Fring’s at 455 King Street West. Good food a bit pricey but worth the ambiance. The Real Jerk Jamaican restaurant was a hit. Last but not least the CN Tower. Awesome service at the bar, great views and on your way out be sure to say hello to Mr. Moose.

Niagara Falls
Casa Loma
CN Tower

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