Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½


Cancun is absolutely gorgeous. Something for everyone. We stood at the moon palace for 5 days. Exclusive for down time and romantic views. We also stayed at the Dreams hotel with a balcony on the beach for a weekend stay. The view was so serene and awe-inspiring that we decided to have a candle light dinner in our room on the balcony. The hotel had a DJ and we danced the night away with other guest. The weekend fee was well worth it.

My favorite part of the trip was taking the ferry boat from Cancun to ISLA de Mujeres where we rented a golf  cart for the day and toured the island on our own. We stopped and bathed at all the beaches (pictures above) learned about the history of the island, ate a delicious seafood native platter on the beach and did some shopping before boarding the ferry back to Cancun. When in Cancun make sure to dedicate a day to visit ISLA de Mujeres ❀


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