About Me

Hi! My name is Edna Garcia-Dipini and I am of Boriqua descent, native of New York. Mother of two loving boys and a devoted wife.

My special interests are in the Performing & Multi-Media Arts. As a hobby I have been traveling since young from summer vacations to Puerto Rico and trips with friends since high school. I have always felt a sense of freedom exploring, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn – New York, in a community full of culture and art. Now I reside in Berks County, right in the center of Pennsylvania farmland. A patchwork of crazy cool country as the  http://visitpaamericana.com/ says. Vocalist since the age of 4. Lover of music ❤ Graduate of the High School of the Performing Arts (FAME) and Hunter College. My fascination with entertainment led me into film after interning for Video Music Box WNYE-TV. Landing her first job at Video Music Box WNYE-TV and Classic Concepts LLC.

A career in Public Relations sort of fell on my lap. I love People! and the opportunity to make new friends everyday. I believe in giving back local and globally. I enjoy being interactive with the media and inspiring more to gear towards social entrepreneurship. There is so much we can do in small ways to help our communities and humanity worldwide.

Some cool accomplishments and dreams marked off my bucket list 🙂
CEO of The RIZE Group LLC, Founder of The RIZE Program and D.O.T.S. Music & Art Fest. Youth Activist
In recognizing my passion for youth and adversities I faced; The Arts saved my life and with that inspiration I became the founder of the RIZE Program www.rizeprogram.com.
My modo is to be joyful without comparison and keep your integrity, there is only ONE YOU.
I have decided to start this blog to share with you my walk and travels in life. I hope you enjoy and take something with you to share.